Magic Cat Egg Stroker

Magic Cat Egg Stroker
  • Massagers grip and stroke like a real mouth
  • Sleeve created from realistic artificial skin for a lifelike feel
  • Easy to clean: just flush out with warm, soapy water
  • Transparent design lets you see all the action
  • Texturized internals allow for extremely intense orgasms 

Climaxes on demand with an egg! 

Climaxes on demand with an egg? Now we have your attention. Perfect fo the best most life-changing climaxes, switch Sweet Lips on and prepare to experience the sensations of better-than-real deep throat oral sex.

simply wrap around your hard cock, stroke, lie back and enjoy a deliciously deep experience. Just lube up and slide into the pouting, wet, waiting egg, where the incredibly designed and textured insides massage your manhood.

Explore the luscious thrusting motions solo, or hand the toy over to your lover and let them take control of your pleasure.

The thrusting motions offers gentle, rolling massages that yield long, slow building climaxes. Try the rapid thrusts of the highest for a wild, intense session or indulge in relentless, slower thrusts for stamina training and a slower-building climax. How long can you last?

Check Out the Magic Cat in Action Below