Airturn 3 Replacement Sleeve

It never hurts to have a backup for any situation or whenever you are just short on time. With this in mind we made the Airturn 3 sleeve available separately so you can always have the option to get a new in one if you and your original sleeve have had a bit of time together, or if you just want to stay prepared! 
  • Fit for the Otouch Airturn 3 
  • Soft life-like texture to imitate the real sensation of a woman's skin
  • Carefully engineered nubs and ribbing for optimal stimulation
  • Environmental friendly & body safe 

Please Note: *Skin color may vary slightly due to natural production 

We've concluded this to be a good feature to the sleeve, this would mean that every sleeve sent out will be exclusive to each and every one of you, not to different then the images shown but also not exact replicas!