Soft Leather Whip

Soft Leather Whip

  • Sensual textured handle with attached suede fronds for whipping and sensory play
  • Bulbous tip and ridged shaft give exquisite internal stimulation
  • Suede fronds can be used for whipping or gentle sensory play
  • Temperature-responsive glass can be heated or cooled for alternate stimulation
  • Perfect for anal or vaginal play

This sensual all-in-one whip features lengthy suede fronds at one end and a weighty, ridged handle with a hoop tip at the other. The perfect balance of pleasure and pain.

The heavy ridged handle gives this whip an incredible weighted swing for varied impact. Either trail the fronds across your lover's skin for a stimulating tickle effect, or swing the whip for a harder sting.

Measuring a fulfilling 6.5 inches in length, the swirled shaft of the handle provides an exquisite sensation when massaged against internal or external pleasure points. Its wide, ball-shaped tip is perfect for P or G spot stimulation, giving a heavy, full sensation for extra-intense climaxes.

An attractive and desirable whip made from hand-blown glass and suede leather.



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